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Sinks assist hospitals with infection control

Infection control is a vital function of any hospital/clinic. The majority of inpatient health care facilities have been identified as sources for transmission of infectious organisms among patients and staff. Doorknobs, linen, chairs, examining tables, bathrooms, and most hospital-based equipment is always a potential source of infection. Many infectious organisms are readily acquired through hand-to-hand contact include the common cold, flu and several gastrointestinal disorders, such as diarrhea. Despite this knowledge, there are no comprehensive guidelines for infection control in many health care settings. It is imperative that hands should be washed before and after contact with each patient, body fluids, after using the rest room, between each procedure and coming into contact with any soiled materials.

The chances of any infection spreading in a hospital should never be underestimated and hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent transmission of organisms.

The best treatment for an infection is to try and prevent it in the first place. Today, there are available a wide array of infection control equipment and supplies that are designed to help prevent and fight off most common infections in a hospital setting. One of the chief infection control equipments is washbasins and sinks.

Sinks and hand washbasins are invaluable tools against the spread of bacterial and viral infections. Despite all the advances in medicine and pharmaceutics, there is no better, cheaper, and more effective way to prevent infections than hand washing. Neither gloves nor hand sanitizers are an effective replacement for sinks and wash basins. Besides being useful for health care professionals, these sinks also remind the public to wash their hands before and after visiting any patients.

At Medexsupply, we offer a range of stainless steel scrub sinks and portable sinks that are relatively easy to install. We have sinks that are free standing or can be wall mounted. Most of our hand washing sinks comes with the latest No Touch Features. The sinks can be activated by a foot pedal, wrist lever or an electronic sensing device. Our sinks can accommodate anywhere from 2-6 people at the same time. Besides health care facilities, our touchless sinks can easily be installed in schools, daycare centers, industrial factories, cinemas, chemical laboratories, convention centers, restaurants, or at any social event.  Medex also carries name brand sinks like Columbia Sinks.

At Medexsupply, we offer a wide variety of hand washing sinks for any facility or business. To have the greatest impact, the sinks and washbasins should be placed in visible areas with signs. The sinks and wash basins can be placed anywhere in the hospital care setting including the operating rooms, the nurses stations, clinics, examining rooms, outside patient rooms, medical offices, kitchens, bathrooms and the laboratories. Medexsupply offers a range of stainless steel scrub sinks that are relatively easy to use. The sinks can either be wall mounted or be free standing. Every one of the Medexsupply washbasins comes with the latest state of the art no touch technology. The sinks may be activated by either a knee pedal, wrist lever or an electronic sensor device. The great features of our sinks and washbasins include:

* -touchless operation
* -available soap dispenser
* -fits in any area
* -can be wall mounted or free standing
* -compact and dual/single user sinks
* -durable
* -the auto off sensors help unnecessary wastage of water
* -easy to install

Years of medical product manufacturing has made Medexsupply the standard in the health care industry. Medexsupply sinks and washbasins are the best products in the industry because of the design, durability, and ease of maintenance. We are dedicated to providing first-rate service with the best quality sinks and wash basins. All our products are available throughout the U.S.

Online Shopping for Medical Supplies

For medical practitioners, having medical supplies is a must to be able to work well with your profession. You do not need ordinary supply but top quality medical supplies. Having these kinds of stuffs can enable you to work with confidence and perform at a level that you necessarily must work with. With the help of the Internet, you can shop online for medical supplies with ease. By just simply surfing the net, you can find and choose from a wide range of supplies.

Online stores are definitely reliable, easy, quick and economical when it comes to medical supplies. You won’t worry about the quality as well because most, if not all, are absolutely high quality products. Nowadays, medical practitioner can actually have anything that they need with the help of the Internet and online shopping. Online shops for medical supplies usually have an extensive array of products and the prices that are offered are basically much lower compared to actual stores that can be found near your area. Hence, it is advisable to provide a critical analysis with regards to online prices from different websites. Choose the right product for the price but never compromise the quality.

It is advisable that you buy the products using credit cards just in case any problem or dispute arises. It is best that you have a strong proof of your purchase. But don’t worry because disputes regarding sales rarely happen. Always shop wisely and check all the features, the return policy and the important terms and conditions of a certain site before purchasing your medical supplies.
When you look for a store, make sure that you choose a credible one. Always verify the credentials of the supplier just to be sure of the security of your transaction.

All in all, online medical supply stores are reliable and fast. It makes life for you much easier. With the convenience of ordering online, you won’t need to exert so much effort to acquire your desired medical supplies. Saving money in today’s economy is a necessity, and if you analyze the advantages and benefits of online shopping, you can definitely be surprised of how much you can save on a yearly basis. There are even online stores of medical supplies that offer no shipping fees for a specific weight of products. Definitely, online shopping has great deals that can provide you with comfort and satisfaction. By choosing to shop for medical supplies online, you give yourself a higher chance to save money and time.