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Big John Toilet Seat

The Most Dangerous Room in the facility With more than 200,000 injuries reported each year, the bathroom can be the most dangerous room in your facility. How do you avoid possible injury? Replace your flimsy toilet seat with a Big John Toilet Seat. The five minutes it takes to install will make the entire room safer and more accessible. This seat will not slip, it will not pinch, and with its 1,200 pound weight capacity, it will not break. With a 19 inch wide sitting surface and built in grip rail, you will be ensured safety and comfort within minutes. It’s the fastest and cheapest bathroom remodel you can make. It’s even ADA Compliant with a 2 1/2 inch rise for those that need a little extra height! The Big John Toilet Seat fits any standard toilet, round or elongated bowl. Protect your organization. Visit Medex Supply to purchase a Big John Toilet Seat today!