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Share your Healthy Holiday Recipe!

The Christmas season can be torture for those who make an effort to eat healthy the rest of the year.  On top of the cookies, candy, champagne and other high-carb, high-sugar temptations, the sense of “Relax, it’s Christmas, enjoy yourself!” can make it near impossible to resist going overboard on sweets.

However, it really is possible to indulge and yet avoid the bloating and sluggishness that sugary holiday treats can cause.  Websites like and offer delicious low sugar, low-carb and even gluten-free recipes that don’t taste at all like a typical bland “healthy” dessert.  There’s no need to deprive yourself when you can make Light Cranberry Bars, which swaps out half the sugar with Splenda and includes pureed pears, which reduces fat but adds vitamins and keeps the bars moist.  One bar is 97 calories, with just 9 grams of sugar! Compare that to chocolate toffee caramel bars, which are 200 calories a serving with over twice the sugar.

What are your favorite “light” holiday recipes? Got some tips to make a low-fat egg nog, or a way to sneak some nutrition into Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies? Share with us!