Monthly Archives: January 2011

New to the Industry: SECA 360° WIRELESS system

Staying on top of developing trends in wireless service within the healthcare community, Seca, a worldwide manufacturer of high quality scales and other measuring devices, recently released the 360° Wireless system, which allows paper-free, error-free data transmission.

With the 360°, a patient’s height and weight can be measured and the results automatically sent wirelessly to a computer database. When used with the included analytics software, the data can be collected for extensive studies and comparisons in patient growth and development, energy, and cardiometabolic risk. Visual results of studies and analyses make it easier to track both short-term and long-term changes, improving doctor-patient communication.

The 360° also reduces the risk of error in collecting patient data. Measurements are taken digitally and the results automatically sent to either a wireless printer or the 360° USB adapter, so there is no need to transcribe handwritten notes later. All results are securely maintained within the 360° network, allowing users to submit information with confidence. Using the 360° is also a greener choice for data collection, significantly reducing the need for paper charts and printouts.

Three network versions are available to accommodate the needs of every healthcare center. The small network allows direct data transmission to a 360° wireless printer, while the medium network transmit data to the user’s PC with a 360° USB adapter. The largest network allows data transmission to take place throughout an entire room. The 360° can even access Electronic Medical Record systems, generating analyses in the form of a PDF file. At any size, the 360° stays ahead of the curve in wireless innovation.