Fighting Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory drugs are one of the most useful weapons in the modern medical arsenal. Many, however, have side effects that are undesirable or worse. Fortunately, there are natural inflammation fighters that have few if any detrimental side effects.

Inflammation is the body’s response to infection or injury. It is an important component of the immune response, but it can also be painful and debilitating, and in many cases reducing inflammation is an important part of maintaining function. Moreover, in some conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, an unwarranted immune response causes inflammation despite there being no infection or injury to respond to.

Vitamin D is a natural inflammation fighter. Your body naturally produces vitamin D if you get a lot of sunlight. It’s also found in many foods, including fatty fish such as salmon and catfish, eggs, and beef liver. In addition, most milk is vitamin D fortified.

Scientists now have a better understanding of how vitamin D works as an anti-inflammatory agent. In the body, the vitamin seeks out immune cells. Having found them, it biochemically instructs the immune system to hold off on any response. Vitamin D thus stops unneeded immune system activity.

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