Are We Iodine Deficient?

Many physicians would be surprised to learn that more than a hundred years ago, iodine was called ‘The Universal Medicine,’ and was used in several clinical conditions,” according to Guy E. Abraham, M.D.,

While iodine deficinecy can be caused by a number of things, the main reason is the lack of iodine in our ‘Standard American Diet.’ To make things even worse the toxic halogens bromine, flouride, chlorine, and perchlorate interfere with the absorbtion of iodine by the thyroid and other iodine deficient tissues in our body

For years, many people relied on the iodine in the salt they poured into their salt shaker. Once iodine deficiency was discovered as the cause of goiter, these clever folks stuck it in an inferior refined product labled as salt to prevent goiter. Then of course more recently the use of refined salt was deemed to be unhealthy so many people stopped using salt all together and switched to salt substitutes.

You do not want to rely on table or refined salt for your daily iodine needs. If your salt is pure white that means that it is refined salt, even salt labeled as sea salt can be refined, which means all of its natural minerals have been removed in the bleaching process. This bleached white salt can then have aluminum, ferrocyanide and bleach in it.

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