Turn on the TV, go on the internet or pick up a newspaper, and right now you’ll be overwhelmed with bad news.  With so much misfortune affecting so many people, on a local, nationwide and global level, it’s easy to become pessimistic, believing that things are just going to get worse and there’s nothing we can do to change it.  The truth is that we can change things, not on a large, immediate scale, but in small, simple increments.  Remembering to stay on top of recycling, donating some canned goods to a local food pantry, offering to type or print a resume for an out of work friend without access to a computer, these are all easy acts of kindness and community service that genuinely make a difference, particularly if you encourage the idea of “paying it forward,” doing a good deed for someone with the intent that they in turn will do a good deed for someone else.  It can instantaneously improve your mood and overall outlook.  Human kindness is one of the biggest harbingers of change, and no act of it is ever too small.

Things will eventually improve overall, but right now, during one of the most difficult periods our country has faced in many years, what are you doing to improve your world? What small task can you perform to bring change?

Gena Radcliffe
MedexSupply Blogger

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