Learning more about diabetic socks

Peripheral neuropathy is a common complication of even well-controlled diabetes. The condition causes nerves in the extremities — the hands and feet — to deteriorate. This neuropathy means that you won’t be able to feel if your foot is injured. Normally, when you have a small cut or blister on your feet, you treat it, and protect it. If you’re not aware of the injury, however, it could become infected.

Diabetic patients are also more prone to injure their feet in the first place, as high blood sugar can promote ulceration. The solution is socks that don’t bind or constrict the feet, allowing freer circulation, and that control moisture, lowering infection risk. Medex Supply offers a variety of socks designed to meet the needs of diabetic patients, and protect your feet inside and out.

Wigwam Diabetic Walker Socks
Medipeds Diabetic Crew Socks
SmartKnit Seamless Over-the-Calf Diabetic Socks
Salk Diabetic Foot Care Starter Kit

Plus other great options!

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