Learn to fight off high cholesterol

We all know that having high cholesterol can be a major health concern, yet many Americans don't change their lifestyle habits to improve their well-being. Not only are there a number of things individuals can do to lower their cholesterol, there are some health concerns that should be taken more seriously when paired with the condition of high LDL.

Medical issues that worsen cholesterol
Controlling your cholesterol levels may help you reduce your risk for heart disease. Other health issues that may worsen your cause for concern when it comes to issues with cholesterol include:

  • Alcoholism
  • Cushing's disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver diseases
  • Obesity

Each of these conditions may further increase levels of cholesterol in those who already struggle to maintain them.1 This is due to triglycerides in the blood that are affected by the range of diseases. As your metabolism slows down, cholesterol isn't processed as it should be. This often will cause a build up in one's blood, especially for those who are dealing with liver disease or alcoholism.

Simple fixes
If you're looking for some easy fixes when it comes to lowering your cholesterol, CNN Health has a few ideas that you may be able to easily implement. While losing weight – 5 percent to 10 percent for those who already have high cholesterol – can do a lot, there are additional lifestyle changes worth making.2 For instance:

  • Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. This can be something as little as taking a walk during your lunch break or biking to work instead of driving.
  • Don't just watch what you eat, be sure to look at the ingredients label of foods you purchase at the grocery store. Stay away from items such as saturated and trans fats especially.
  • Excessive alcohol use is not good for anyone, and even worse for someone with high cholesterol levels. This increases your blood pressure and can cause heart failure or stroke as well. They key is consuming things in moderation.
  • Quit smoking and your body will enjoy an abundance of health benefits. After a year, you will have reduced your risk of heart disease to just half of what it was when you were a smoker.

High cholesterol doesn't have to have such a huge impact on your life. It's important to maintain wellness so that you can ensure that you enjoy a long and happy life. Small improvements to diet and physical activity can help improve your life expectancy by lowering the bad levels and increase the good ones. Talk to your doctor to learn more about what improvements will be the most beneficial for your routine.

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