Medical supplies that help prevent the spread of infection

There are a number of types of and causes of infection in the human body. In most cases, these viruses can spread quickly, making it important for medical professionals to keep the issue contained. These problematic pathogens can include parasites, fungi, bacteria prions and viroids, all of which can be fought off when tended to appropriately.1 Some key supplies health care facilities require to prevent infections from spreading include:

Biohazard supplies
If you're in need of labels, liners or bags, biohazard supplies are a must for keeping infected items out of harm's way. Every hospital or exam room should have a spot to toss all those germ-filled supplies, and each of these needs to be labeled accordingly. It is equally important to use the proper bags and lining to prevent needles and other surgical instruments from puncturing through the material.

Spill kits
Dangerous spills of chemicals or bodily fluids in a medical setting need to be tended to promptly and safely. With the aid of the appropriate spill kit, clinicians can ensure that no one is put at danger when such an event occurs. Key contents may be:

  • easy-to-follow instructions
  • collection bags and ties
  • absorbent towels
  • disposable gloves
  • EPA-registered disinfectants
  • c-fold towels
  • antimicrobial hand rinses
  • spray disinfectants and cleaners

These items will ensure that the content spill is cleaned up in an effective manner. You can find these supplies and others to help prevent infection at Medex Supply, an online medical supply store.

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