A few chemicals worth avoiding

We all use chemicals or cleaning agents around the house to keep it free of germs. This can be especially important during cold and flu season, when viruses can run rampant. However, the Environment Working Group has released a list of 12 chemicals that are found in everyday items that we use and even eat that may have less-than-desirable effects on the body.1

The worst of the worst
It's surprising how many chemicals we come into contact with in our daily lives. Based on information collected by EWG, some of the ones that should be on top of the concern list include:2

  1. Glycol ethers: These are found in paints and cleaning products. They have been found to lower sperm counts in painters who work with them on a regular basis, according the EWG. Parents should refrain from purchasing cleaning products that have 2-butoxyethanol and methoxydiglycol listed as ingredients, as children may have an increased risk for asthma and allergies when exposed to these chemicals.
  2. Organophosphate pesticides: Many fruits and vegetables are treated with this type of chemical. However, organic varieties may reduce your exposure. The problem? These pesticides can affect brain development, behavior and fertility – specifically as it can change testosterone levels in the body.
  3. Arsenic: This product occurs naturally in the environment, but can be more prevalent in pesticides that make their way to food and the water we consume. According to EWG, the chemical can lead to an increased risk of bladder, lung and skin cancers. It is important to note that although rice has been found to contain arsenic, the levels are low enough so as not to cause short-term health effects.

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