Are you prepared for an emergency?

Regardless of if it's a natural disaster, power outage or pileup, it's always a good idea to have an emergency medical kit on hand. While first aid kits provide a number of great supplies for treating minor scrapes and bumps, you may need to pack a bit more in the event of a serious emergency. On Friday, February 14, 2014, a 100-car pileup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike left more than 30 individuals injured.1 This is one event in which such supply kits could do tremendous amounts of good.

The incident
Along an 8-mile stretch of Interstate 276, a chain reaction of accidents took place on the morning of February 14. In fact, there were two separate 25-car wrecks within the cluster. At this time, the cause of the crashes is said to be road conditions due to the weather.

"This is one of the largest crashes that I've ever heard of volume, size and scope," Adam Reed, trooper with the Pennsylvania State Police, told the New York Daily News. "We're certainly fortunate that there were no fatalities."

And while it certainly is good news that there were no deaths reported as a result of this gridlock, a number of individuals were injured. In fact, of the 16 patients who were taken to Abington Memorial Hospital, five have suffered serious injuries. Again, the source was eager to report that none of those admitted were said to have life-threatening issues.

While a first aid kit or an emergency medical supply kit can be very helpful in these types of situations, it's important that those using the supplies know what they are doing. All of the products found in these kits should be handled with care and caution as to avoid infection or further danger to the patient. And, in the event you are unsure how to address a wound or injury, it's best to wait for a professional – especially if the individual has been seriously hurt.

Those who are looking to purchase these types of kits and other emergency medical supplies can contact Medex Supply, an online medical supply distributor. Available products are sold to both individuals and professionals, including everything from blood pressure monitors to disposable gloves and other wound care supplies.

1 Daily News, "Pennsylvania Turnpike turned into parking lot after 100-car pileup" February 14, 2014

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