Are you up to date on your bone and joint health knowledge?

October 12 through 20 is recognized as Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week, an informative time of year that doesn't get enough attention.1 Information that circulates during this week focuses on arthritis, the spine, traumas, pediatrics and osteoporosis. Across the country, you may find information seminars offering information on arthritis, back pain, trauma and more. Still, many individuals may question how they can benefit from this information.

The facts
Bone and joint health is important to individuals of all ages and health, so learn more during national awareness week. In fact, did you know:

  • Many musculoskeletal conditions – which nearly half of the U.S. population over age 18 have – begin during childhood
  • Half of adults who are older than 50 will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime
  • As the national life expectancy increases, so will the rate in which individuals suffer from musculoskeletal conditions

It's important that citizens of all ages educate themselves during this time to learn more about how they can prevent bone and joint issues from developing as they age. Currently, the National Institutes of Health only dedicates less than 2 percent of the annual budget to research the topic.

As with most health-related topics, people can benefit from healthy diets and regular workout routines. However, when it comes to the bones and joints, there's much more that needs to and can be done to prevent issues in the future. From childhood through adulthood, individuals ought to:

  • Learn proper conditioning for athletics through cross training that begins in childhood
  • Regularly warm up and cool down during physical activities
  • Partake in high- and low-impact sports
  • Strengthen more than just the core muscles

As we age, exercise becomes an increasingly important aspect of health. Even those who are suffering from severe medical conditions can see benefits from working out. In some cases, it may even help them to feel better.2 It's important for people of all ages to listen to their bodies, but a little bit of soreness doesn't mean anything is wrong – this is a normal symptom of a successful introduction to exercise.

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