Can the government help prevent diabetes?

Although not all cases of diabetes can be prevented, Type 2 is often a result of being overweight. So, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to take a look at what could be done at the government level to help treat what has become known as a growing epidemic.1

There are nearly 26 million Americans suffering from diabetes, and information shows that this could jump to 30 percent of the U.S. population by 2050.2 Causes of Type 2 diabetes include limited access to both nutritious foods and physical activities. And although there are a number of ways in with those who have been diagnosed can lower their glucose intolerance and potentially beat the disease, CDC researchers believe that it's time for the law to step in.

"Laws, including statutes, ordinances, and government agency rules and regulations, can support interventions to prevent and control disease in various ways," Dr. Anthony Moulton, lead author of the study, said in statement.

It is believed that through the government, Americans may be able to attain the necessary options for reducing their risk and eliminating chances for developing diabetes. How can this control of diabetes be established? The investigators have a few points of action in mind.

It has been proposed that current U.S. laws revolving around land use, building design, transportation systems,education, food production and advertising all undergo evaluation. Researchers suggest that the impact of these laws on reduction, preventing and controlling diabetes should be taken into consideration, and if there are positive effects the laws should be amended accordingly. This is just one of the six suggestions authors provided.

Although this may seem like a huge leap, it has been seen that public health can be greatly influenced based on the local laws. And, being that diabetes have reached an epidemic level, it may be time to take drastic measures to change the course of the future. However, implementing these ideas and suggestions would take a lot of work, and require a great deal of cooperation from the public health care professionals and the U.S. government.

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