Diabetes in Delaware

As a nation, Americans are aware of the dangers associated with diabetes. In many states across the country, prevention and control programs have been put in place to help local residents maintain healthy lifestyles. One of these states is Delaware, which is currently experiencing what some refer to as a diabetes epidemic, according to The Washington Post.1

What's been done
The State of Delaware has developed an array of programs and services to help residents avoid health issues. Many of the available services aim toward teaching the community how to avoid dangerous diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. This includes educating the community as well as training health care professionals across the state.

Additionally, Delaware has community blood screenings that inform high-risk individuals of the dangers they are facing. Once someone has been placed in this category, he or she is then followed-up. Patients who have hypertension that is greater than 140/90 are included in this group.2 They are then taught how to control their blood pressure and sugar, as well as what can happen if they neglect to do so.

Another step toward improving statewide health improvement is the Mobile Diabetes and Hypertension Wellness initiative in Delaware. Trained health care professionals put on wellness expos at rent-assisted communities and elsewhere. It is the hope of the state that they are able to make a difference to those who have pre-diabetes or who are currently non-compliant with their disease. However, it is ultimately up the individuals as to whether or not they take anything away from such sessions.

What's being done
On Friday, December 20, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's director, Dr. Tom Frieden, announced that he would be speaking out to residents of Delaware regarding diabetes. Frieden is working with Gov. Jack Markell and other health officials from the state. These parties are all hoping to come up with a plan of action to fight the growing problem of diabetes.

All are hopeful that they can make a difference within the statewide community. One idea for improvements involves bringing in the YMCA for assistance. This would include the creation of programs through the Y that maintain partnerships with the medical community, in addition to insurance companies and other organizations in Delaware.

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