Good News For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate and coffee are good for your weight. Recent preliminary research has linked each of these foods to weight loss without calorie reduction or requiring a change in activity levels. Moreover, neither study showed any side effects.

It’s not drinking coffee that helps. It’s eating it. In the study, participants who ate small amounts of ground, unroasted coffee lost an average of 17 pounds over 22 weeks, without making any other changes in their diets. Another, larger study is planned to look for potential side effects and dangers. Researchers believe the substance responsible may be a chemical called chlorogenic acid, which is destroyed when the coffee is roasted.

The case of chocolate is a little more mysterious. Adults who eat chocolate on a regular basis are thinner that those who don’t. It’s unknown whether this is due to the chocolate itself or not, but researchers speculate that calories from chocolate are less fattening than from other sources. Chocolate eaters consume more calories overall but have less body fat. This is particularly good news because chocolate is often cited as the most craved food.

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