Is alcohol wreaking havoc on your diet?

Many Americans adopt healthy lifestyles to help prevent diabetes and other health issues. However, if you've been trying to shed some weight to no avail, your social life could be the culprit. A survey conducted by FORZA Supplements in the U.K. has found that a few too many cocktails may be responsible for negating dieters healthy choices during the week.1

Survey findings
Based on responses from those who participated in the study, calories consumed while drinking can easily override time spent at the gym. In fact, 40 percent of women intake around 1,000 calories on a single night out.2 It's not uncommon for individuals to eat and drink more than their regular daily intake during happy hour. However, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your consumption:

  • Have a meal before you start drinking, that way you're more likely to make better food selections. The survey found that most participants cite a lack of willpower due to alcohol intake, leading to a half a pizza or worse for dinner.
  • Think about what you're ordering – this can make a great impact in a number of ways. First, consider how many beverages you are actually drinking (5 ounces of wine is equal to a single serving, containing upwards of 100 calories). You'll also want to think about how unhealthy your drink of choice is – beer and liquor paired with sugar-filled mixers are loaded with empty calories.
  • Pace yourself to ensure that you don't drink too much too quickly. Not only will this lead to your being drunk, but you're less likely to be aware of the food and drink choices you make for the remainder of the night.

You should also keep in mind that although you ate a healthy meal before you started drinking, there's a good chance you'll need some grub before calling it a night. Instead of stopping for fast food or ordering a plate of fries from the bar at last call, have a plan in place. If there are pre-cut veggies and tasty hummus waiting in the fridge when you get home, you'll be more apt to make better choices. Just like with those foods you allow yourself to indulge in occasionally, a night out drinking should be the same.

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