Other healthy fats on the fence

With the recent news that trans fats will no longer be supported by the Federal Drug Administration, a study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that some vegetable oils, which had been deemed healthy in the past, may actually complicate certain health issues.

According to the study, a few of these oils, which are rich in omega 6s, will actually increase the risk of heart disease. Many food labels fail to explain that diets rich in omega 6s also need to have a good deal of omega 3s in them.

"Careful evaluation of recent evidence, however, suggests that allowing a health claim for vegetable oils rich in omega-6 linoleic acid but relatively poor in omega-3 α-linolenic acid may not be warranted," write Drs. Richard Bazinet and Michael Chu.

Both corn and safflower oil are vegetable-based oils that have little to no omega 3s and high concentrations of omega 6s. These oils can be found in many margarines, chips and nuts.

The researchers of the study concluded by saying that the current health claims of these oils should be excluded from food labels moving forward.

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