Take care to avoid an ER visit this Thanksgiving

It may or may not come as a surprise to you to find out that with the holidays come some interesting emergency room stories. Make sure that your family stays safe this Thanksgiving by learning from others mishaps.

Turkey problems
This big bird is more than just the center of our meal on Thanksgiving Day. From cooking to carving to enjoying, turkeys have been known to send people to the hospital. Anyone who is considering deep frying their bird should take the utmost precaution when doing so.

"We've had fires that singed hair and eyebrows, and splash burns to the face," Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician, told LiveScience.1

Also, whether you're carving while distracted or after having a few drinks, this can be dangerous to your health. Reports of finger and thumb lacerations are not uncommon in the ER during the holidays. Make sure to take care and slice nothing other than the carcass so that the family can actually enjoy the bird that cooked for hours.

And many of us know the issue of indigestion following a huge turkey dinner. However, if symptoms become so severe as to cause vomiting or intestinal blockage, you'll need to go to the hospital. There have even been reports of choking on pieces of dry turkey that are eaten too quickly. So, slow down and enjoy your dinner.

Getting there
A lot of people travel great distances around the holidays to see family and friends, in fact the day before is one of the busiest days on the roads.2 Unfortunately, this time of year is generally joined by bad weather. Regardless of the conditions outside, you can expect to hit some traffic on Turkey Day, so leaving early is always the best decision. Not only will this prevent stress from running late, but it will allow you to slow down on ice-covered roadways. Plus, if you're heading off to your in laws, there's no need to add to the anxiety you may already be experiencing.

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