Sunday is Mother’s Day, and instead of the usual flowers or candy, why not give your mom a gift that will really make her feel good? Here are some ideas that are healthy, thoughtful and affordable, and will let her know just how much you appreciate her, not just on Sunday but every day of the year!

Donate to charity.  It’s very likely that you first learned about doing for others from your mother, so Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show it.  Find out what her favorite cause or charity is, then make a donation in her name.  Often, depending on the amount of the donation, the charity will send a certificate or thank you card to donors, which makes a wonderful keepsake for a gift that not just shows Mom you care but can help other people in need.  You could also sign the two of you up for a volunteering project together—check Craigslist or websites such as Volunteer Match to find one-time projects in your area, such as working in a community garden or delivering food to the elderly.

Treat her to a massage.  Often mothers tend to neglect their own needs and ignore the signs of stress and tiredness until they start to cause physical discomfort.  Giving your mom a gift certificate for a massage, or taking her for a spa day is a great way to allow her the indulgence and relaxation she deserves for a couple hours.  Therapeutic massage has been medically proven to relieve both physical and emotional tension, and the effects often last for long periods of time.  If spa pricing prove too expensive for your budget, many massage schools offer reduced rates.  You could also try such websites as Groupon and Living Social for great one-day specials and spa packages.

Treat her to a pedicure.  If you’d rather give a gift on a somewhat smaller scale, you could take her for a pedicure.  Our feet are the parts of our bodies that take the most abuse, yet we rarely give them the care they deserve.  A pedicure can cost as little as $10 to $20, and often involve a light foot rub and a soothing warm water soak.  If nothing else, pretty toenails painted in cute, trendy colors are enough to brighten anyone’s day!

Make her breakfast in bed.  Another gift that costs nothing but your time is to surprise Mom with a healthy, delicious breakfast served in bed.  Try whole grain pancakes with fruit and some turkey bacon—just make sure you know what she likes first! Remember to include a copy of the Sunday newspaper and maybe a single flower in a vase and she’ll be smiling all day.  It’s a classic that still works.

Take her on a picnic.  Some of a mother’s favorite memories of her children are of simple times spent outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and just being together.  You’re never too old to play outside! Pack a picnic lunch, or even just some fruit and cheese and take Mom to a local park.  Take a walk, or engage in other fun activities such as kite flying or going on a rowboat ride.  You could even just sit and talk for a while, taking some time away from your busy lives to just enjoy each other’s company.  The best gift any mother can receive from her child is love and appreciation, and that often requires little more than your time and presence.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Gena Radcliffe

Medex Supply Blogger

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