Workplace Safety

A safe workplace doesn’t happen by accident. It takes alertness and vigilance to keep a day at work from turning into a stay at the hospital. As America prepares to celebrate its workers, here are some safety tips to help make sure you get to enjoy your weekends:

  • Don’t read and walk at the same time. Your reading material not only distracts you, it obscures your vision.
  • Don’t open all the drawers of a filing cabinet at the same time. Indeed, many filing cabinets have interlock mechanisms to prevent that.
  • Don’t climb shelving units or other furniture not intended for that purpose, especially in heels. Use a ladder instead.
  • Be sure equipment works properly. Broken machines and other things are far more likely to cause injury.
  • Don’t ignore spills. Clean them up or tell the custodial staff.
  • Follow proper procedures for lifting heavy objects. Use your knees, not your back, and don’t jerk around.
  • Never carry a pile of things high enough to block your vision. Make two trips if you have to; it’s better than tripping because you can’t see what’s in front of you.
  • Never be afraid or ashamed to use safety equipment. It’s there for you, and sometimes even required by law.
  • Keep cables, boxes, detritus and other dangers out of walkways. Avoid creating tripping hazards in heavily trafficked corridors
  • Don’t try to sit in a chair that isn’t there. Reach for the chair before you fall on your behind

As you head out to a cookout or whatever events you have planned for the weekend, keep these tips in mind so you can come back ready to work safe.

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