Tips doctors wish parents knew

Kids get hurt – it's just a part of growing up. However, many health care professionals feel as though some of the injuries they see children come to an emergency room with could have been avoided. But how? There are a few things most doctors wish parents knew – especially when their kids are young.

Avoid emergency room visits
Those working in the ER can think of a thing or two that parents can do to improve their children's safety. Parents magazine asked those professionals and came up with an interesting list of must-know tips for mom and dad.1

  • Kids put everything in their mouths, even objects that may cause them to choke. Avoid a life threatening experience by keeping these items out of their reach and knowing how to perform CPR in the event your child starts choking.
  • Car seats are great for safety in the car, as long as they are installed properly. Children should use a booster seat until they exceed 80 pounds.
  • Make sure your at-home swing set is securely in place and free of any jagged edges or rust.
  • Teach your child that the stove and oven are hot areas that he or she should not touch to avoid burns. This can also cause a problem if your water heater is turned too high, so make sure that the temperature is set no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Be sure that your windows don't open all of the way. It's best to have a stopper at the four-inch mark. You can also prevent falls from windows by keeping chairs, couches and tables away from the openings.
  • Whether you're at the pool or a beach, keep an eye on your kids! And keep in mind that a small child can drown in as little as 1 inch of water, so supervision is necessary any time they are in proximity of H2O.
  • Trampolines are dangerous and hospitals see children coming in with bone fractures, spinal and head injuries as a result.
  • If your child has asthma, know how to treat an attack. Also, make yourself aware of things that can trigger the wheezing and always have medication on hand – running out is not an option.

Other health tips for kids
There are also a number of simply healthy living tips of which pediatricians wish all parents were aware. Ensuring that your child makes healthy choices can help to prevent childhood obesity and may even avoid other issues later in life. Keep these things in mind:

  • Avoid stomach aches and mid-morning meltdowns by keeping sugary breakfasts out of the picture.2
  • Help your child learn to enjoy vegetables and other healthy foods by not offering a "children's menu" at home. If the entire family is eating the same thing, your son or daughter is less likely to go on a hunger strike.
  • Sure, kids lose their baby teeth, but it's still very important to have them practice good oral hygiene. Watch out for brown spots and take a trip to the dentist if your child's back teeth start falling out before the front ones – this isn't common.3
  • Although it's important to have boundaries for your children, you can't so "No" to everything. You also want to make sure to acknowledge the good behavior your kids exhibit.

Help keep your children safe by storing these medical and health tips in mind, especially throughout the toddler years. You will also want to make sure that you have medical supplies on hand to ensure that you can treat those minor scrapes and burns. Contact Medex Supply for:

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