Importance of asthma management during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women become more aware of their health and concerns that may threaten the well-being for their child. In addition daily intake and exercise, moms-to-be should make sure that they are properly maintaining their asthma. Although pregnancy doesn't typically worsen symptoms that are caused by this common condition, an attack may cause harm to both mom and baby.1

Potential risks
Pregnant women who manage their asthma appropriately while with child should have nothing to worry about. However, if the disease is not handled properly, it can lead to:

  • Premature birth and complications during labor
  • Low birth weight or restricted fetal growth
  • Oxygen deprivation for the child
  • An increase in morning sickness for the mother
  • Unnecessary vaginal bleeding
  • Preeclampsia, which is when the mother's blood pressure is high and there is protein in her urine following 20 weeks of pregnancy

Mothers who have been diagnosed with chronic asthma are at a greater risk for seeing complications to their pregnancy when the condition is not controlled.2

A review of asthma management
Professionals for the University Hospitals of Leicester recently conducted a review of asthma maintenance during pregnancy due to the fact that 10 percent of females with child suffer from the condition.3 During their review, researchers found that one-third of women who have asthma and are pregnant allow the control of their disease to worsen. Additionally, one-third improves and one-third sees no change. It led authors of the review, which was published in The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, to question whether or not proper counseling regarding the effects of asthma can have on pregnancy was being given to patients by their health care providers. More importantly, doctors are aware that routine asthma treatments are safe during pregnancy? These are key concerns that need to be addressed in the medical industry.

Controlling asthma during pregnancy
Women can easily take control of their asthma during pregnancies; it's really no different than their usual precautions. Most treatments are safe for moms-to-be, they will just want to discuss it with their doctors.4 A few tips for controlling symptoms include:

  • Staying away from activities, danders and other triggers of asthma attacks
  • Being aware of warning signs that asthma is worsening and talking to a health care professional immediately
  • Keeping the living space free of irritants by vacuuming regularly and changing air filters in the house
  • Washing bedding on a weekly basis in 130 degrees Fahrenheit water

It is important for women to make sure that their doctors are aware of any health conditions they are dealing with during pregnancy, including asthma.

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