Predicting Asthma Risk

As a proud parent, you share the joy when your little one reaches various milestones. But your newborn developing quickly may not be a good thing. New studies suggest it may indicate an increased risk of asthma or asthma-like symptoms.

Doctors have already known that low birth weight is related to asthma–and that pregnant women who go off asthma medication risk low-birth-weight babies. Now a study tracking over 5,000 children from birth through toddlerhood found that unusually rapid weight gain in the three months following birth increased the odds of wheezing nearly one and a half times. Asthma can be difficult to diagnose in young children, but certain symptoms can be seen.

The difference was reported as independent of fetal growth, meaning that it held in children who had developed normally prenatally. In fact, no connection was found between rates of fetal development and asthma risk.

Childhood asthma sometimes goes away with age but in some cases persists in adults. It is exacerbated by certain living or working environments. It can be controlled with medications, but requires a doctor’s care.

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