Stay Safe At The Pool This Summer

For many people, Memorial Day marks the start of summer swimming season. That means today is a good time for child pool safety tips from your friends at Medex Supply:

  • No one should go into the pool who doesn’t know how to swim or isn’t staying close to someone who knows how to swim.
  • Keep a close eye on your child. If you’re in a group of adults, know who is responsible for the children at all times; no one should say “I thought you were watching them.”
  • Don’t leave the pool area without your child. They’ll grumble, but they’ll be safe.
  • Keep glass bottles and other dangerous, breakable items away from the pool area. Electrical devices such as music players should also be a safe distance from the water.
  • Flotation devices can make pool time more fun, but they’re no substitute for adult supervision. Armbands, rings, vests, and other floating things can give parents and children alike a false sense of security. Floaties are no substitute for knowing how to swim.
  • Toys in the pool are a temptation for the young and impulsive, so take them out when swimming time is over.
  • It’s never too soon to teach safety. Even young children can learn to tread water, get to the pool wall, and other water survival skills that will keep them safe.
  • At a pool in someone’s home, make sure there’s a first-aid kit and emergency equipment handy, and ideally someone trained in first aid should be nearby.
  • A home pool needs protection: a fence, a lock, a cover, maybe even an alarm. If you can keep curious kids from getting to the pool without your knowledge, you don’t have to worry about them being in it unsupervised.
  • Safety rules are there for a reason and apply to everyone. Hold your child to them; don’t give them dispensation to ignore them. Make sure they know to listen to the lifeguard.
  • Never roughhouse or, if you have the authority, let anyone else roughhouse near the water

Swimming-pool safety is important for keeping Memorial Day, and the rest of summer, fun for everyone—parents as well as children.

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