Descriptions of important diabetic supplies

When it comes to home medical supplies for treating diabetes, there are several pieces of equipment that may come in handy. Here, we have a brief overview of some of the most common diabetic supplies needed:

Infusion sets
Infusion sets are used to pump insulin through a tube into a diabetic's body by way of a needle or flexible cannula. The device is used for two to three days, in which it is inserted into an area of the skin. When replaced, the new infusion set should be set in a different part of the body in order to avoid irritation. There are several different options for someone with diabetes to choose from, and patients are advised to discuss which is best for them with their doctors.1

Lancing devices
A lancet, or small type of surgical knife, is the most important component of this device. When triggered, the knife moves in a linear fashion to prick the skin. Generally, it is used on a finger to collect a small blood sample for testing insulin levels. Many designs allow for adjustments to be made regarding the depth at which the lancet goes into the skin.2

Control solutions
When using a blood glucose monitoring device, you may need control solutions. These should be used any time a new container of test strips is opened and occasionally thereafter. Additionally, solutions should be used to clean the meter if it is dropped or an unusual result is shown. The liquid helps to ensure your device is working properly. In order to use the control solution, test a drop the same as you would your blood.3

Diabetic socks
Diabetic socks come in a variety of options, but aim to prevent blisters, foot ulcers and other skin-related issues to the extremity. Many designs help to improve blood circulation and keep feet dry – this is key to avoiding fungal infections. Depending on what you are looking for in terms of comfort and symptoms, you may find that one type works better than the others. Key features to look for include cuffs that are not elastic, no seams and materials that allow the foot to breath.4

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