Lighting plays an important role in health care

The health care industry is constantly evolving and that includes which aspects are important for providing the best patient care. Although there are a number of aspects that go into this process, having proper medical lighting can also help ensure that nurses and doctors are able to get their jobs done successfully.

Lighting functions
At hospitals and doctors' offices, there are a few different functions that lighting serves. Perhaps the most important aspect is making sure that operating areas and examination rooms are well lit. This is a key to proper patient care, but may also play a role in boosting employee morale.1 When health care professionals are able to maintain positive attitudes, they are more likely to offer even better assistance to their patients.

Those who have been brought to the hospital for treatment or who are visiting their doctor's office for a regularly scheduled appointment also experience benefits from a properly lit space. Most importantly, lighting can affect the treatment a patient receives from professionals. On top of that, welcoming lighting in a waiting area can help to ease an individual's fears and help to keep them calm. This can be especially true for the family members and friends who are waiting for updates regarding emergency room patients.

For someone who is staying in the hospital room for an extended period of time, lighting can greatly affect their mental well-being. Although it is important for bright lights to be present so that examinations and treatment can be properly administered, it shouldn't be the only option. According to Health News Digest, pain and depression may be reduced in patients who are exposed sunlight.2 As a result, some hospitals have even started to incorporate patient-control for lighting levels in their rooms. When a patient is able to enjoyed the sun, he or she may even be released from the hospital sooner.3

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