Low Testosterone

As men age, their bodies produce less of the hormone testosterone, Normally you can draw on your reserves, but sometimes, testosterone falls below a critical level and causes a variety of issues. Though aging plays a role, men are more likely to have a serious testosterone drop if they are obese or if they have one of several medical condition often associate with obesity, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Here are some signs you may have a testosterone problem:

  • Since testosterone fuels the sex drive, low testosterone levels may well leave you feeling a little…out of gas.
  • Making the low sex drive worse, men with low T often have a significantly reduced response to being touched down there.
  • For that matter, since erections are another process that depend on testosterone, a reduction in testosterone will often lead to
  • Without adequate testosterone levels, even a fairly light day will leave you feeling completely wiped at the end.
  • When your testosterone drops, it takes with it your vim, verve, and pep
  • Clinical depression is sometimes a symptom of low testosterone. Far more common is a loss of optimism or a blue funk that falls short of medically recognized depression but is still sometimes a problem
  • Testosterone helps build muscles, but when it gets depleted, the muscles lose their bulk.

If you show signs of low testosterone levels, see a doctor. The doctor can give you a blood test to check you hormone levels and, if needed, help you determine what type of testosterone replacement treatment is best for your circumstances. You won’t only feel better; treatment can help reduce your risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and other conditions.

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