Give The Gift Of Health This Holiday Season

It’s holiday time, and that means shopping for holiday presents. A common problem a lot of gift-givers have is the proverbial person who has everything. One thing they always need more of is health. Medical products make unique gifts.

A lot of people start new exercise regimens around this time of year, whether as part of a New Year’s resolution or to work off extra holiday eating. Walking is a fun and inexpensive form of exercise, requiring little in the way of equipment, but walkers do need to know how far they’ve gone. The Fabrications ThinQ Pocket Pedometer is the size of a credit card and can be carried in a pocket, and still help someone keep track of the distance they’ve walked and the calories they’ve burned.

Walking is made even better exercise with the addition of weights such as the Thera-Band Ankle and Wrist Weight Set. Weights up to 2.5 pounds on the wrists and ankles provide extra resistance for a better workout, without a gym membership or bulky training machines.

After a workout, a nice relaxing massage can help soothe tired muscles. In fact, experts say massage after physical exertion can help prevent strains and muscle pain. Therapeutic touch can also help with stress and anxiety. The Thumper Sport Personal Massager is ergonomically designed to reach whatever parts are under strain, to help promote relaxation and improve circulation of blood.

For deep tissue massage at home, the Theracane Massager is just the thing. This tool allows the user to apply pressure to important muscle areas to help relieve muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness, and soreness. Deep tissue massage involves applying intense pressure to the "trigger points" of the muscles to lessen chronic pain, restore mobility, alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders, and help with recovery after a workout.

These gifts can help that special someone achieve their health goals for 2015. Getting more exercise is one of e most common New Year’s resolutions among Americans and people will appreciate gifts that make this easy to do. The people who love them will also appreciate their getting presents that will make them healthier so they’ll stick around longer.

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